Cunningham introduces a new series featuring the Specialists, an elite, international team fighting against terrorism, corruption, drug cartels and other evil. When the six Specialists are sent to Berlin to investigate the suspicious death of George Silokowski, an American, it becomes clear that the victim was trying to track down a missing fortune (part of tens of millions of dollars siezed by the Nazis in WWII) that belonged to his Jewish grandfather. The Specialists, whose trigger-happy members have been hand-picked from the U.S. Navy, CIA and FBI by an eccentric millionaire, must find out who was involved in the Nazi crime, where they are now, what happened to the missing money and why Silokowski and others hot on the trail of the plunderers ended up dead. The trail eventually leads to the heads of some of the most powerful corporations in Germany and to a one-eyed hit man against whom Specialist Wade Thorne has a personal vendetta.

In Kettering, England lies Castle Baldemere, the home of American billionaire J. August Marshall. Although reasonably famous for his entrepreneurial successes and his philanthropic donations of money and time, Marshall is better known in the gray world inhabited by spies and secret agents. For a decade, Marshall headed up the CIA, but quit when he felt his agency had too many bosses pulling its strings for personal advantage.

Marshall formed an elite counter-terrorist organization THE SPECILAISTS that consists of six agents who will do whatever is needed to complete the job. Currently, the group is in Berlin investigating why George, a cross-country motorcyclist, had an accident while riding his bike. George was seeking information on the person who accepted a bribe to get his Jewish grandfather into Switzerland in 1942. The team learns that a special German squad made millions in exchange to spiriting people out of Nazi Germany. These bribes allowed this group to start businesses just after the war. Today their companies make up twenty-five percent of the Germany's economy.


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