They show no mercy and take no prisoners — wherever trouble strikes, they hit first, hard, and last.

They are the best of the best, the deadliest of the deadliest — an elite fighting force drawn from the ranks of the FBI, the CIA, Navy SEALs, Britain’s MI-6, and Israel’s Mossad. Talented, dangerous, fearless, they were recruited, trained, and shaped into a lethal strike team by a billionaire patriot with a burning desire for justice....

When vacationers aboard the cruise liner Royal Princess are being thrown overboard two at a time, a lightning-quick response is needed. And the Specialists respond with violent force, uncovering a shadowy terrorist group, the Sword of Allah.

With the ship rescued and the lead terrorist left for dead, the Specialists begin to track another plot that takes them on a wild ride from the darkest alleys of the Ukrainian underworld to the continental United States, and what begins to unfold is a plan for one of the most feared terrorist attacks possible.

Anthrax, small pox, black plague, and the Marburg virus — all deadly possibilities ... and time is running out. Always one step behind, the Specialists need a break, before millions suffer the most savage terrorist attack in modern history.


Chet Cunningham, Is Proud To Present
The Specialists: DEADLY STRIKE
A Novel

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