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Since his first novel was published in 1968 Chet Cunningham has written and had published nearly 300 works of fiction and 15 non fiction books. He is equally adept on horseback, in the techno-thriller arena, or recounting military history. His output includes 125 westerns and 50 men's action/adventure novels.

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Looking for book collector's items? Gifts? For a limited time, ChetCunningham.Com and PayPal.Com have made available some of Chet Cunningham's out of print titles. These books will arrive autographed and personalized by Chet Cunningham. We invite you to BROWSE these selections.

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North Korean Blowup

A Navy SEAL team of fifteen men and one woman go into North Korea to rescue a US physicist trapped there. They do. He tells them where North Korea has hidden its three nuclear bombs. The team must return to that country and destroy the three atomic weapons. It's a wild combat chase of sixteen against the whole North Korean army. The SEAL team wins and is choppered to safety. DOWNLOAD ONE TODAY.

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]
Hell Wouldn't Stop

Cunningham's latest effort combines his unique blend of authorial and military experiences and fulfills a pact he made with himself to tell the Wake Island story, a story his brother did not live long enough to finish. The story of the defense of Wake Island at the beginning of World War II, is told by the survivors. Published by Carroll and Graf, New York. In Bookstores Now.

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]
As Keith Douglass, Chet Cunningham writes three books each year for Berkley's SEAL TEAM SEVEN series about the present day Navy special ops teams and their covert activities in a dangerous world.


The Newest Seal Team Seven Adventure At Your Local Bookstore Now!

The SEAL Team Seven series is explosive!

After an electromagnetic pulse bomb is detonated by the Syrians off the coast of Israel, SEAL Team Seven must enter the fray to rescue ten American college students trapped in the chaos..

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]
The Specialists: PLUNDER

Chet Cunningham also created a series of international adventure and intrigue about an elite fighting force known as The Specialists. Handpicked by a reclusive billionaire/patriot, the team is assembled from among top members of the FBI, the Navy SEALs, Britain's MI-6, and Israel's Mossad. Talented--and dangerous--the Specialists are a secret weapon in a world where violence can strike anywhere and anytime. Published by Bantam Books, The Specialists series started with PLUNDER.

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